Baitumetse Moloabi

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I am an alternative visual artist from the sleepy town of Thaba Nchu, who has recently completed my Diploma in Design and Studio at the Central University of Technology. I am the honoured Overall winner of the PhatsoaneHenny New Breed art competition 2021. I believe that I inherited my artistic inclination from my parents and I have had a love for the arts from a very young age. However I began to show a keen interest in the visual arts after Matric through very simple paintings of the world around me that concentrated on the form of common objects. I think that is still the core of my approach to art.

My work is what I see and feel in the world around me as a black, queer woman. It is an expression and exploration tool for me and hopefully the people who view it, in to social notions like gender, sexuality, perception, becoming learning and unlearning. That attempts to advocate for a society that is more inclined to tackle such topics without an air of discomfort around them.

My work is therefore meant to start conversations that might be uncomfortable at first but end up sparking an interest in the various individual and collective experiences we have as people. To be able to talk openly about these somewhat stealthy topics.

There is indeed a shift that I see happening in the society where we are becoming more supportive and considerate of the “other” and my ultimate goal is to know that my art works may act as a catalyst in that movement. Whether it is by shocking my viewers or through quirky nudges that question or comment ‘the norm’ in the art I create. I would have fulfilled my goal as an artist.

I love various forms of art and I will be venturing into performance art in the near future another ambition of mine that I am embarking upon is making art more accessible to young people and children in black communities through different projects and that is the exciting new ventures you can expect from me.