Belinda van Zwijndrecht

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Belinda van Zwijndrecht or (Belinda van Zee- music pseudonym) is a South African singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist. Born in Johannesburg, raised in the Free State with a brief stay in Namibia. Belinda completed her BA/FA degree in 2001 at the UFS. Since 2001 she has been working as a professional performing- and visual artist, using her diverse skills in many ways surrounding the two artforms. Belinda van Zwijndrecht is part of the Free State Art Collective (FSAC) founded by Karen Brusch.

Investing a lot of time as a visual artist & musician, van Zwijndrecht combines her work with some travelling and performing in theaters or at festivals and in small communities in and around SA. Belinda van Zwijndrecht is the founder of Gallery House, also the artist's private home and studio. This is where she and her colleagues help develop aspiring artists and musicians on any level hosting the Pop up Artventure workshops and the Gallery House Songwriter's evenings, which are exclusive and intimate events.

van Zwijndrecht explores different power dynamics, gender politics and other human ideologies, behaviours and social expectations. Working in multi media and oil paint, photographs and digital media transforming and combing figures, shapes and landscapes into Cubist and Surrealistic spaces. Almost functioning as a window into the abstract or transformative spaces, this points to voyeurism, or as a mirror back to the viewer pointing towards the responsibility and involvement of the voyeur and the effect that some physical and technological advances may have on human behaviour, psychology and nature.