Litemba Mbambani

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I am currently completing a BA in Fine Arts at the University of the Free State. I am also currently practicing as a multi-media artist whose work is centered on articulating an experience that is truly black and queer and concerned with the erasure of the black woman's narrative.

I believe that my feminist approach to artmaking was inspired by the fact that I was raised by very strong feminists. My grandmother taught me that I should never need anyone, my aunts taught me integrity and my mother, who has always been anchored only to the wind, taught me how to be free. I believe that all of these are important qualities for an artist to have.

My work has been collected by both the National Workers' Museum and the National Art Bank. I have participated in various group exhibitions, including the Phatshoane Henney New Breed Finalists Exhibition in 2019 and the ArtEC Gallery's annual exhibition. I have also been selected as part of the top 5 artists for the ORMS Circle Mentorship programme in 2020; and currently exhibiting in Turbine Paper, a 2020/2021 Turbine Art Fair initiative.