Mandie Immelman

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Mandie is a Bloemfontein-based visual artist and lecturer. She holds an M Tech in Fine art from the Central University of Technology, Free State. She has been lecturing since 2011 primarily in printmaking and visual culture. Finding joy in creating alongside students, her teaching practice is influential in her art production. A central tenant of her work is exploring innovative technological applications to traditional fine art techniques particularly as it relates to printmaking, drawing and painting. For Mandie, a mixed media approach where theory and practice interact in a cyclical way is central to her art making. Conceptually, she is interested in the unseen and unappreciated, especially as it relates her environment. This is driven by her need to understand the various facets of the South African society and finding her place in it. The mediums she uses are often determined by the concepts or ideas she wants to communicate, but most often includes screenprinting, relief printing, laser engraving and intaglio.