Miró van der Vloed

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Born in Pretoria in 1998, Miró van der Vloed has spent time between Durban, Pretoria, Cape town and the Free State. In 2020, he completed a BaFa (with distinction) from Michaelis school of fine arts in Cape Town, with a focus on printmaking and sculpture. In February of 2021 he participated in the Art for Global Regeneration auction that raised funds for climate parks in South Africa and America. In June he took part in a group exhibition entitled, “Resite-Resiteer” held at the Johann van Heerden Art Gallery. In August Miro participated in Thread(ed), a group exhibition held at the Association of Arts Pretoria. van der Vloed explores the dynamics of home-making and the intersections between his queerness and religious beliefs. He became interested in impermanence as a state of being as a result of often moving provinces as a child. His interdisciplinary approach includes the careful combination and transformation of found objects and materials. This intentional deconstruction and reshaping suggest the potential for challenging the destructive hegemonic systems- transmuting them in ways that leave them open to the infinite potential for change.