Nandipha Jantjies / Neferuda

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Nandipha Jantjies / Neferuda grew up in Welkom and Bloemfontein where she discovered her love of art from the age of nine. She studied Studio Art and Design at the Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein, where she graduated in 2021. Jantjies is planning to further her studies in African Philosophy so that she can merge this knowledge into her art practice.

Jantjies was a finalist of the 2021 Phatshoane Henney New Breed Art Competition.

She creates paintings, digital art and is an aspiring mural artist. While her “street art” is Afrocentric, edgy and thrilling; her paintings take on an emotional interiority where she explores more personal themes on what it means to be human, a woman, an Africanist.

"I draw myself a lot, in different forms and characters. I always include the likeness of myself within my art. My essence is essentially important to me, as much as aesthetics, detail, purity, and personality. All of these are my 'oxygen'. My artworks question/challenge emotion, the human physique, religion, social constructs and classicism. I sometimes tap into what makes us human."