Sphatho Mzantsi

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Sphatho Mzantsi is a young Xhosa South African artist, born and raised in Mthatha, Eastern Cape. He is currently completing his BA, Fine Arts Degree at the University of the Free State and has thus far been included in three group exhibitions in 2017 , 2018, 2019 at the Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery, UFS, and since joining the Free State Art Collective(FAC) has been included in in two other group exhibitions at the 2019 Vryfees Festival and at Gallery 2 in Johnasburg.

After having trained in all traditional mediums (printmaking, drawing, sculpture and painting); Mzantsi’s preferred mediums include pit, charcoal, ballpoint pen, video, photography and painting. And right now is builing on the body of work started in 2019 'indawo elalini ne engekhoyo eDolophini (Rural Place and City Displacement)' that discusses the deplacement of African/indigenous people in western culture in the time we live in.

Sphatho Mzantsi’s artistic interests align with hip hop and popular culture, day-to-day living and the natural environment; as well as a love for modern architecture, cinema, fashion and design. With a quiet and almost shy demeaner he doesn’t say much but allows his work/art to do all the talking for him.