Teboho Mokhothu

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Teboho Mokhothu was born in 1988 and is currently studying towards his BA Fine Arts degree at the University of Free State. Teboho is a cartoonist for the Irawa newspaper as well as videographer/editor for Kovsie TV. Mokhothu has also founded Blue Rock Production which focuses on producing videos, photographs, graphic as well as fashion design.

Mokhothu is a versatile artist who works mainly in the medium of painting, video and performance art. His interest lies in telling the narratives of life in South Africa today and takes up the untold stories of the homeless, xenophobia, the Marikana massacre, corruption in government and the fees must fall protests. His focus currently is on the rise in burning of buildings and cars to illicit attention from government and questions why these protesters are not burning the South African flag or constitution book instead? His art shows the scars and anger the greater South African society feels, especially the youth, and his performances and video projects demonstrate the ignorance of upper class people in particular.