Lana Combrinck

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Lana received her M.A Fine Arts degree in 2017 and her BA Fine Arts degree in 2011 at the UFS.

Lana is the owner and founder of ArtC. ArtC is based in Virginia in the Free State. ArtC is an artistic company specializing in modern artworks and artwork products as well as art classes for children from the age of 2 to adults. These classes specialize in skills development and physical and mental development through art and art activities. In 2021 Lana was chosen to be part of the National Presidential stimulus fund programme in which she received funding to appoint interns for a 4 month period. She was also part of the Arts and Culture Trust’s “Building blocks” programme and successfully completing the ACT Building Blocks Masterclasses and Mentorship Programme. Lana also completed a Business in the Arts Workshop presented by Gallery Noko and VANSA.

Lana is currently working with multiple media researching psychological issues pertaining to distress, being locked in, being out of touch with people who care for you, not being able to communicate. She is also researching physical and psychological abuse as well as issues that farmers face in the current times in South Africa. These issues include environmental issues like wildfires and the damage that it can cause to issues like land expropriation and violent acts being committed against farmers, the farmer’s land and the farmer’s home. She mostly works with paint and mixed media.