LOCKDOWN | A viral art experiment


On midnight the 27th of March 2020, the Free State Art Collective embarked on an art experiment in response to the three week complete lockdown instituted by the South African government to tackle the Covid crisis.

The lockdown was subsequently extended by a further two weeks in the hope of 'buying time' before the crisis spiked.

New words entered our vocabulary in the matter of weeks - ‘self-isolation’, ‘lockdown’, ‘flattening the curve’. Who would have thought that a worldwide pandemic would impose on every living individual, forcing us to question the current state of being, thinking, working and relating.

'LOCKDOWN // A viral art experiment' was an experiment in solidarity – of how a creative spark can also initiate a positive viral response. Starting with a single quotation which was given to two artists in the collective, a viral process commenced whereby one artwork inspired two, each of which inspired a further two and so on. This viral art-making process mimicked the spread of Covid, while the artists responded in unique ways about the myriad of questions facing each of us.

The art collective created a body of work which became an online exhibition initially and which we hope to present as an actual exhibition once we get to the other side of the pandemic.

The entire unfolding process was shared online via the FSAC website and our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Some artworks are still for sale so if you are interested in purchasing, please contact us on 084 017 0728 or info@freestateartcollective.co.za

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