Leon Witthuhn

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Leon Witthuhn was born in Windhoek, Namibia in 1969 and after a short childhood there, moved to Germany. Being taken from a seemingly happy and warm environment in Africa to an alien, cold and financially difficult new environment in Germany was a difficult time for him; after a few years in Germany he returned together with his family to South Africa where he completed his schooling in Bloemfontein.

Leon nearly pursued a career in art but instead went to back to Germany to do a plumbing apprenticeship and then moved to Cape Town in 1998 where he started a plumbing business. Whilst working as a plumber and on building sites, Leon accumulated experience working with metal, wood and concrete.

After 15 years in the building industry, Leon and his family moved back to Bloemfontein to pursue a better life. During this time he joined Anita Oliphant’s private art classes as his first exposure to formal drawing and painting. Leon registered for a BA in Fine Arts Degree at the University of the Free State at the beginning of 2016 and is currently a third year student. His experience in the building industry has greatly contributed to his ability to combine different sculpting materials.

Witthuhn likes to explore subjects like identity and memory as well as social media's impact on culture. He would like to still explore factors that define us as humans and further define our culture and heritage. His current interests are in sculpture and painting.