Liz Vorster

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Raised on a farm in the mountains of the North-Eastern Cape, where the cyclical phenomena of nature become engrained in one’s existence, Liz developed an appreciation for the impermanence of being. After school, Liz graduated with a degree in Visual Brand Communications from Vega, Cape Town; followed by four years of working and travelling in Vietnam, where she founded the Hanoi Life Drawing Society and confirmed her calling. She has participated in group exhibitions in Hanoi, Vietnam; and Bloemfontein, South Africa. Liz is currently in her fourth year of Fine Arts at the University of the Free State.

The process of documenting and translating imagery across mediums is integral to Liz’s work. With a compact camera as an extension of her arm, she performatively documents the process of image-making in the studio. Working with raw materials such as those dug from the earth, or remnants of materials burnt in disaster sites, combined with traditional painting and experimental drawing - she merges and stitches translated imagery and techniques into landscapes. The artist’s materials continuously negotiate their place across layers of changing landscapes that address themes of transition, polarities and belief systems. Her images parallel an inner spiritual process which she describes as “an inevitability of metamorphosis”. Liz follows no recipe, but rather intuitively synchronizes with undulating experiences that reveal the intricate weavings of our ephemeral existence.