Sibenoxolo Foji

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Sibenoxolo Foji is a fourth year Fine Art student currently enrolled at the University of the Free State, originally from a small town in the Eastern Cape. He currently resides in Bloemfontein and is researching and working with the distinct concept of Animism. This is the attribution of a life force to inanimate objects and natural phenomena; as well as exploring the relationship we have with our environments. In his particular research in installation, printmaking, drawing, and photography; Foji weaves a narrative of being, culture and spirituality.

Foji has been part of five exhibitions which took place at the Louis Building, Bloemfontein, in 2020, the UFS Stegmann Art Gallery in 2021, the Oliewenhuis Art Museum in 2021, the UFS Stegmann Art Gallery in 2022, and the Pretoria Art Museum in 2022 as a finalist of the Sasol New Signatures 2022 art competition. He has also had the opportunity to be part of the “insider outsider” in 2020, at the Richmond Art Residency hosted by Modern Art Projects and led by Willem Boshoff.